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Introduction: We are well established (30 years) wholesale distributors of a variety of crystal products, both quality quartz crystal and also chandelier crystal glass prisms. We also supply crystal jewellery, and some other related gift items.


If you are a business or otherwise resell goods and wish to know more about our products, contact using the form below or directly by email. Once qualified we can send you our wholesale orderform/catalogue pages & ordering details.
Our prices are very competitive (without compromising on quality) and we are efficient at getting orders out.

If you are not a business or just want more description on a particular product range (in particular our prisms) look at our associate retail web site
As yet the website doesn't have much of our extensive range of quartz crystals, but we can provide you more details and see below also.

Rainbow chandelier crystal prisms (4+ ranges)
-3 large ranges of clear chandelier crystal prisms.
-Bulk buying discounts available.
-All prisms come with small hole, ready to hang.
-Prism ranges from European Pressed glass to full leadcrystal & Swarovski.

-Some prism range include coloured, and iridescent (AB) coated crystal.
-A limited range of coloured and full leadcrystal clear beads available. All with small holes to string.

-A limited range of attractively strung chandelier crystal prisms (with coloured glass beads and/or polished natural crystal)

Quartz crystals and healing stones (wide range)

-Tumbled good quality & colour crystals, over 100 varieties. Available in varying sized bags to suit.

-Natural quartz crystal in clusters, points, geodes/caves, pieces, etc. Most in convenient bag lots.

-Polished quartz crystal, wide range including; balls & eggs, wands, pieces, points, pyramids, hearts, more.

-Crystal articles such as; trees, candleholders, standing geodes, bookends, keyrings, etc

-Range of smaller rough crystal pieces.

Crystal jewellery
-Crystal pendants in a wide range of stones. (double terminated points, angels, hearts, and other pendants)
-Excellent range of stretch bracelets, necklace beads, and donuts in various stones.
-Limited range of crystal rings made from certain stones.
-Pendants chains, velour pouches, & small display boxes for bracelets.

Specialty Crystal Items
-Pendulums for dowsing or to wear in a range of stones. (in 3 different ranges, in a variety of stones)
-Rune sets in various crystals.
-Chakra healing sets
-Polished crystal Affirmation/word stones. Worry/thumb stones. Symbols stones.
-Natural point and tumbled keyrings, and much more.

-Genuine Amber teething necklaces and bracelets.

We travel & buy at source for many of the best prices.
We are a well established business situated in central Auckland, New Zealand. We have been trade suppliers of these types of products for over 28 years and have built up a good reputation both in New Zealand and overseas.

If you are a business or reseller, email us at with your details and how you qualify for wholesale.
Minimum order requirements as per normal wholesale. 


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